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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Will BrookWill Brook
Pass in Buxton
I thought the lessons were really well done. I always felt comfortable and in control within the car. The lessons have really helped, and Alex was a great instructor who I would definitely recommend. The car itself is very good for learners.

Kadi BougheyKadi Boughey
First time Pass!
Alex was amazing and so helpful. He was able to support me on my driving journey and he was able to answer any questions I had. Above all though, he was friendly and approachable so I knew I felt at ease in the car.

Connor BaileyConnor Bailey
First time Pass!
Alex has been very helpful in teaching me how to drive and he has helped me understand where any mistakes have been made and how they can be fixed so they aren't made again.

Archie G-HArchie G-H
First time Pass!
Alex was very good with his explanations of the manoeuvres. He was always flexible with the time of lessons. He keeps calm and talks things through in difficult situations, explaining if something has been done incorrectly and he then describes how it can achieved successfully.

Harriet DHarriet D
First time Pass!
My instructor was always punctual and a great teacher. I was glad to have had the LD system. The LDC workbook was very useful and I was happy with all the resources that were provided.

Grace CGrace C
Pass in Macclesfield
I would like LDC to know that Alex is a fantastic instructor! After having done plenty of driving before, he still broke old habits and drilled a lot of what I found difficult into my driving. From day one, he put me at ease in the car so it was super easy to communicate if something good or bad, or if something went wrong. Overall - it has been a pleasure to have Alex as an instructor, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Eleanor Prinold
Pass with 3 DFs
I feel like Alex taught me very well, he helped me through my struggles and helped me to pass my test. The method of learning through the workbook was very controlled and well organised.

Finley Thorpe
Pass in Macclesfield
My instructor was patient, helpful and easy to get along with. All the important techniques were carefully explained and shown before I attempted them. The resources were also helpful.

TJ KnightTJ Knight
Pass with 3 DFs
My instructor is great and has helped me overcome things which I struggled with. Furthermore, the workbook was very helpful for preparation when it came to the 'tell me' questions.

Ash BarlowAsh Barlow
First time Pass!
Alex was very supportive and calm. He was always encouraging me to try again and was always willing to help. He was very thorough with explaining and there was a calm atmosphere in the cat making it easy to ask for help or guidance.